FitzWright Liferaft Maintenance Program

FitzWright Liferaft Maintenance Program


Because fishermen often gripe about the high cost and hassle of servicing liferafts each year Fish Safe wants to share information about a program offered by FitzWright Survival that may be of interest to some.

This program has 3 interesting components:

  • Existing liferaft Trade In program

  • Reduced costs for Annual Service with a 5 year agreement

  • Optional Exchange Program to reduce downtime (discussed more fully below)

Details on the full liferaft purchase/trade-in and service/exchange programs can be found here. 

Please contact Simon Morris at FitzWright for further details:

Exchange program (optional)

Just before a raft is due for each annual service, FitzWright will contact you and the Original Selling Dealer to advise of service due. It will be up to you to choose which Authorised FitzWright Service Centre the raft will be returned to.

Once you and the Annual Servicing Dealer have notified FitzWright when and where the raft will be returned, FitzWright will ship a freshly serviced replacement raft of the same model to the Annual Servicing Dealer. The replacement raft will be exchanged with your raft at the location of the chosen Annual Servicing Dealer.

  • This is simply a service of convenience to the end user

  • This is an EXCHANGE program and the replacement raft will be a different raft of the same model as the raft being sent in

  • The fee is a $100.00 surcharge per annual exchange service to partially cover freight costs if the exchange option is chosen

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