PFDs & Cold Water Survival

  • Death due to falls overboard is a primary killer of fishermen in BC.  BC’s waters are COLD!  (Our waters are generally lower than 15° C.)

  • Reflexive GASPING FOR AIR is part of the initial Cold Shock Response – if you are under water, guess what you’re breathing in!

  • Wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) helps get YOUR MOUTH well above water – it can take a FEW MINUTES to get your breathing under control.

  • The FACTS DON’T LIE: Over 50% of drownings occur due to the Cold Shock response

WorkSafeBC’s regulations for PFDs

Surviving cold water is possible!

Here’s a useful poster with tips for all on board

Turning the Tide: PFDs in the Fishing Industry

In an open and honest fashion this new video from WorkSafeBC explores the first-hand stories of individuals touched by tragedy and near-tragedy while working out on the water.