Nesika insurance can offer a discount on your hull and machinery rating for an audited safety management plan.  

Fish Safe's Safest Catch Program falls into the audited safety management plan for Nesika. Depending on the insurance company being used the discount is 5-10% on the hull & machinery rating (applied once and then carried forward each year as long as the Safest Catch program is maintained).



In order to get this discount, Nesika needs a copy of your Safest Catch certificate. If you are a current client the discount will be applied upon renewal (not mid-term). If you are a new client, the discount will be applied immediately.

Give Nesika a call at 604.448.9196 to find out more!

*The discount does not extend to the entire fishing vessel fleet if there is one; only those fishing vessels that have the Safest Catch Decals.