Making it Your Business
To Come Home Safely

Fish Safe is a commercial fishing industry driven safety program. This program and the tools it provides to the BC commercial fishing industry are designed by fishermen for fishermen with the goal of promoting ownership of safety on board fishing vessels. This website is another tool to assist fishermen in their quest to "Come Home Safely".

 For over eleven years, Fish Safe has worked with a singular goal in mind - helping fishermen come home safely. By advocating an educational model that sees Fishermen Helping Fishermen, more and more BC commercial fishermen are being given the knowledge and tools to take ownership of their own safety and to do just that.


Ryan Ford
Fish Safe Program Manager

 We are trying to move away from the old fatalistic idea that if it happens, it happens and move towards ownership of safety. The Fish SAFE program is designed to help fishermen put measures in place to prevent incidents and if there is an emergency to have a plan in place to deal with it.

John Krgovich
Fish Safe Program Coordinator

REMEMBERING FV Bravado - March 1975

Capsized - All hands lost at sea
Skipper: Ric Johansen
Crew: Guy Allard, Ray Windle, Dave Hawryluk,
Larry Azak, Nasaru Niida

Until "the sea gives up those dead in it..." Revelation 20:13

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