Transport Canada Ship Safety Bulletin: New Guidelines on Fatigue

Transport Canada has released a Ship Safety Bulletin (SSB) that alerts all marine stakeholders of new guidelines on fatigue.  The SSB can be accessed here:

This SSB points the reader to an International Maritime Organization (IMO) publication that serves as an update to previous fatigue management guidelines.  The full document can be accessed here:

For marine operators both large and small, the risks posed by fatigue are very real and in many cases, poorly understood.  In an effort to improve the current situation, the IMO has provided practical guidelines via modules that cover the following areas:

  • Fatigue (What it is.)

  • Fatigue and the company

  • Fatigue and the seafarer

  • Fatigue, awareness and training

  • Fatigue and ship design

  • Fatigue, the Administration and port State Authorities

The IMO has developed these guidelines to assist all stakeholders in better understanding their roles and responsibilities in mitigating and managing the risk of fatigue.