Guardian Fire Shield

A fire on board is a risk all fishermen must take seriously.  Preparing for the risk of fire involves advance preparation including regular practice of fire drills and ensuring required equipment is on board.

The Guardian Fire Shield device featured here is a cost-conscious option and is designed to limit the damage from fighting a fire. 

Operating independently, the Guardian Fire Shield can be placed virtually anywhere added protection is needed, without expensive plumbing or installation costs.

It’s an ABC dry chemical (non-corrosive) unit currently which will work on electrical fires but a C02 option is planned for the near future.

The device is $260/unit and $35 to refill.  The company makes it easy to refill as they come to the customer to do the work.

The device comes with a one year warranty and $5 million certificate of liability.

Visit their website and see a demonstration of the unit here:

For further information please contact Alex Stuart at Cloud Hawk Security: