Calling all dive fishermen!

Fish Safe is working with industry to help make the dive fishery safer. 

In collaboration with the Underwater Harvesters Association (UHA), Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association (PUHA) and the Pacific Sea Cucumber Harvesters Association (PSCHA), Fish Safe is working to develop a ‘Best Practices’ for the dive industry.  (Click here for examples of Best Practices developed for other fisheries.)

If you are an active dive fisherman, you are invited to a meeting June 27th in Nanaimo at the Beban Park Social Centre.  (Refreshments and lunch will be provided free of charge but you must first RSVP at or call us at 604-261-9700 please.)

Best Practices for the dive fleet will need to reflect unique aspects of harvesting on surface supply versus SCUBA. The focus will be on preparation, prevention, maintenance, and accident mitigation.

This will be a fishermen friendly environment with no regulators present giving you the perfect opportunity to speak your mind.

Put your experience to good use and share your dive safety knowledge on June 27th in Nanaimo!

(Photo credits: @MaxwelHohn)