Man overboard: A survivor’s success story

“We wanted to focus on these stories to show people in the industry that adopting safe practices and technologies is a way to keep themselves and their crew safe in one of the nation’s most dangerous jobs” 
- Ted Teske, a safety specialist for NIOSH in Spokane, Wash.


Check out this video created by NIOSH called “Fishing Safety Success Story: My Life Vest Saved Me,” based on Stan Jones’ survival story. The video includes an interview with Stan’s son Rocky, who witnessed the accident.  A great reminder to all of the importance of wearing a PFD.

Our Safest Catch program is all about preparedness and putting the pieces together before things go south.  Will the immersion suits fit?  Will the life raft work?  What about that EPIRB?  It's all about having confidence in your safety plan, so contact us today, and FREE OF CHARGE (for BC commercial fishermen) we'll coordinate a vessel visit with you and your crew.