Cannabis and Vessel Operation/Workplace Issues

As Canada moves into a world where recreational cannabis is legalized many employers as well as workers question how these changes impact them.

If you are the skipper of a vessel, you are the ‘employer’ in the eyes of provincial WorkSafeBC legislation.  What can help you when facing workplace impairment issues, whether cannabis or other substances are involved?

A useful starting point is this helpful document found on WorkSafeBC’s website:

This document serves as an excellent launch pad to the following important tools:

·         Workplace impairment: A primer on preparing for cannabis legalization

·         Workplace strategies: Risk of Impairment from Cannabis

·         Guide to Managing Workplace Impairment and Developing an Impairment Policy

Likewise, Transport Canada has recently released this Ship Safety Bulletin (SSB 12/2018) that discusses the issue and vessel operation:

Finally, Fish Safe can assist with questions or concerns you may have so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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