Young Fishermen's Gathering - February 6-7, 2018

Once again, Fish Safe is pleased to be participating in this year’s Young Fishermen’s Gathering being held February 6-7, 2018 at the Britannia Shipyards in Steveston.

Travel bursaries still available! Register and secure your spot:

BC's commercial fishing fleet is greying, and the BC Young Fishermen's Gathering aims to empower and educate the next generation of our fishing industry.

Build your business and leadership skills, and join a network of fishermen and industry members across the coast!

What can you expect?

·  A two day workshop of learning and networking

·  Seek mentorship and engage in dialogue around issues that face BC fishing today

·  Sessions include:

o The business of fishing: Bookkeeping, financing, taxes, lending, insurance, etc.

o Seafood value chain and alternative marketing strategies

o Marine safety

o Basics of fisheries science, management & policy

o The history and future of fishing in BC

·  Expert speakers ranging from experienced fishermen, industry organizations, financial advisors, academics, and more. Some travelling and calling in from Alaska, Ontario, and New York City.

Who should attend?

·  Commercial fishermen ages 55 and under

·  Those considering fishing as a career, and new entrants to the industry