The Safest Catch - East Coast Update

Fish Safe has just returned from the East coast after a 2 week whirlwind tour of the region.  From PEI to New Brunswick and Quebec to Nova Scotia, Fish Safe was busy meeting with fishermen and commercial fishing groups to discuss the Safest Catch program.

With funding from Transport Canada, fishermen on the East coast are being given the opportunity to consider how practical, fisherman to fisherman, vessel based safety training might be implemented  or expanded in their region.

As is the case in BC, classroom based certification training is readily available throughout Quebec and the Maritimes however, the hands on practice of emergency preparedness on board one's own vessel and the documentation of those procedures can be less common.

By means of small pilot projects in a few select locations, the hope is to share the tools and the knowledge contained within Fish Safe's Safest Catch program.  A hands on, fisherman friendly approach to safety training along with the documentation of risks and emergency preparedness - specific to each vessel - is the ultimate goal.

Fish Safe wishes to thank all of our new East coast friends for their kindness, hospitality and open mindedness during our visit - you made us feel right at home!!