Safest Catch events provide a great opportunity to reach a large number of fishermen just prior to major fishery openings.  The goal of these events is to help everyone to get into the ‘safety zone’ and to review their emergency preparedness.

Beginning March 1st and over the course of 8 days, Herring Days was conducted in 3 locations including French Creek, Deep Bay and Comox.

Two of Fish Safe's Safety Advisors - Harold Wulff and Paul Bevandick - were instrumental in conducting Man Overboard drills where over 30 fishermen participated.  Using the practice dummy, fishermen had the opportunity to consider how they would respond to a man overboard scenario on board their own vessels.

As the herring openings progressed, Fish Safe was also out on the water conducting a 'Show Us Your PFD' event, rewarding crews, working as a team and ALL wearing their PFDs, with Fish Safe Emergency Kits - over $250 in free safety gear.  

Great job to everyone who was wearing their PFDs while working and a BIG thanks to everyone who participated in the MOB drills - you helped make Herring Days 2016 an event to remember!!