Salmon Drills Days 2016 in Port Alberni - A real success!

On Monday, June 13 to Wednesday, June 15, Cheryl Lawson, Fish Safe Safety Advisor and Ryan Ford, Fish Safe Program Manager were in Port Alberni conducting man overboard drills with the salmon gillnet fleet.

Preparation for this event began about one month ago with invaluable assistance from our resident expert and Safety Advisor, Harold Wulff who, as an active member of the salmon gillnet fleet, helped us prepare for this event.

This opening was for sockeye, area D and Area 23 – Barkley Sound and Lower Alberni Inlet on June 14 for 14 hours from 6 am to 8 pm.

Assistance was also received from Mike Spence at DFO who broadcast Fish Safe’s event at the wharf in the mass DFO emails to the fleet before the opening.  Further assistance was provided by Nick Bordeleau the wharfinger in Port Alberni along with his assistant Matt who received our posters in advance and posted them on our behalf - thank you Mike, Nick and Matt!!

Over 2 days, both before and after the opening on Tuesday, man overboard drills were conducted at the wharf onboard vessels volunteered by fishermen on the fly at the wharf - thank you Scott and Art for the use of your boats!  PFD use, cold water survival techniques as well as practice hauling our 200 lb dummy out of the water were all part of the drill on both days.

Fishermen from the following vessels participated in the drills: FV Fiddlers Green, Harvest Moon, Salish Challenger, Good Times, Miss Mocha, Lady VII, Wendy Lyn IV, Maile III, Mr Hoi, Renegade, Prancer, Silvergill, Seiren, Royal I and North Star VIII.

Congrats to Janet, Calvin and Dave as well - our 3 winners of $100 Visa cards each!

And really, thanks to all the fishermen who participated in this event.  Especially on Wednesday, we know everyone was dog tired and anxious to get home and yet 16 fishermen managed to find a few extra minutes to bone up on their emergency preparedness.  Good job everyone - we'll see you again next year - if not sooner!