Urgent Kannad Safelink EPIRB Recall

Here’s the full email that was sent by the US Coast Guard Inspections and Compliance Directorate about the Kannad Safelink EPIRB Recall:

"Kannad Marine has issued a recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBs due to a possible defect that could result in the beacon not operating in emergency situations."  

Click on the following link for full details: http://kannadmarine.com/en/product-recall

"If you own or use a SAFELINK EPIRB automatic or manual model as identified in the attached SAFELINK Recall Safety Notice you should NOT use it as a primary Search and Rescue beacon onboard your vessel.

Kannad recommends that all owners of SAFELINK EPIRBs register their ownership, location and contact details via the dedicated website: http://www.safelinkepirbsupport.co.uk .  The website will first ask you to enter your SAFELINK EPIRB's CSN number which is located on the EPIRB's label. (See image on attachment.)  Once the CSN is entered an additional webpage will open where more detailed owner information is entered to arrange provision of a replacement EPIRB."

The Coast Guard strongly recommends that all owners and users of the Kannad SAFELINK EPIRBs seek replacement devices as soon as possible and NOT to use it as a primary Search and Rescue beacon onboard your vessel.

This safety alert was developed by the Coast Guard Office of Design and Engineering Standards and distributed by the Office of Investigations and Casualty Analysis. Questions and comments may be sent to: HQS-PF-fldr-CG-INV@uscg.mil "