Crab Drills Days coming to Sidney!

Crab season moves into high gear soon.  From April 11 to 14, Fish Safe will be on the wharves in Sidney helping fishermen with their emergency preparedness.

Crab Drills Days will include the following:

  • Man Overboard drills - using the Fish Safe dummy, fishermen will be challenged to plan how they would retrieve a crew mate that has fallen overboard - easier said than done!
  • PFD demonstrations - Yes, there are PFDs you can comfortably work in!  Fish Safe will show you a few of the options that are out there
  • Assistance with emergency planning - Fish Safe Safety Advisors will be on hand to help fishermen manage emergencies that may arise while fishing
  • Prizes!  Prizes will be awarded throughout Crab Drills Days to fishermen who get involved and participate - a $100 Visa gift card grand prize will be awarded to a fortunate fisherman each day

In addition to conducting drills, Fish Safe will be available to help fishermen get their MED A3.  Contact us by email or give Ryan a call at 604-739-0540 to coordinate a time and location to get your MED A3 training.

See you in Sidney next week!!