Meet the Fish Safe team - a group dedicated to serving BC commercial fishermen and their safety needs


2015 Ryan Ford Headshot.jpg

Ryan ford

program manager

Fish Safe stands at the intersection of complex regulations, changing resource management policies and an ever-evolving economic environment for commercial fish harvesters.  Despite these challenges, many commercial fishermen have stepped up to the plate by making a commitment to safe work practices on board their vessels.  I applaud these leaders who have embraced that responsibility and promise those who haven't that Fish Safe will work tirelessly to make available the best tools and knowledge to help reduce the risks while fishing.  You and your families deserve no less.

john krgovich

program coordinator

Started with Fish Safe in 2007.

Originally a Stability Course Facilitator for Fish Safe, John came on as the Program's Coordinator in 2009.

Prior to being with Fish Safe, John fished for 35 years all over BC's coast. Vessels included:  Miss Helen, Ocean Marauder, Queens Reach.

2015 Connor Radil Headshot.jpg

rhoda Huey


Started at Fish Safe in March 2016.

Rhoda is providing vital help in the financial management of Fish Safe's various programs and core operations.  Increased activity at Fish Safe makes Rhoda's assistance more timely than ever!

2015 Stephanie Nguyen Headshot.jpg

Stephanie Nguyen

Program Assistant

Started at Fish Safe in February 2015.

Stephanie is the smiling face you see as you come through the door. She’ll be the one to register you for a course, or help you get your commercial fishing license!