Stability Education Course

NEXT COURSE:  Richmond: October 28-31, 2019. Location: Fish Safe Office

Vessel stability issues threaten the lives of commercial fishermen more than any other factor.

No matter what size or type of vessel you work on, gaining an understanding of the principles of vessel stability is a necessity for every commercial fisherman. 

In a practical, hands-on fashion, the Fish Safe Stability course will guide you through a learning process that is relevant, fun and easy to understand.  

Learn the importance of proper loading procedures as well as the impact vessel modifications can have on stability and which ones pose the greatest risk.  Simple – clear – practical.  That’s what you get with the Fish Safe Stability Course.


 4 day course.

Designed by commercial fishermen specifically for commercial fishermen, the Fish Safe Stability course has been widely recognized for helping fishermen identify and minimize stability threats on board their vessels.

BC commercial fishermen cost: $200 CAD
(Non-BC commercial fishermen cost: $500 CAD)

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