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What is required?

Transport Canada:

The Small Fishing Vessel Inspection Regulations under the Canada Shipping Act 2001 (CSA 2001) require every fishing vessel to carry one approved lifejacket for each person on board. These are the standard keyhole lifejackets used for abandoning ship.

Failure to comply could result in monetary penalties or sailing restrictions.

TC Wearing Floatation: FV under 15 gt
TC Small Vessel Life Saving Equipment Regs


WorkSafe BC

WorkSafe BC requires the use of a PFD when working on the deck of a fishing vessel where the work process exposes the crew to a risk of drowning.

Every fishing vessel must also carry one properly fitted and maintained immersion suit for each crewmember on board

Failure to comply with these requirements could result in enforcement action, including orders and penalties.

WorkSafe Buoyancy Equipment Regs
Diving, Fishing and Mooring Floats Regs

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