New TC Regulations


Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations

Transport Canada’s (TC) Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations came into force in July 2017 and are still relatively new. They apply to fishing vessels that are not more than 24.4 m in length and not more that 150 gross tonnage.

These regulations include new requirements in the following important areas:

  • Lifesaving safety equipment

  • Vessel stability

  • Written safety procedures

The complete regulations can be FOUND HERE

Like any new regulation, especially one that is designed for national application, complexity exists and fishermen often have questions about what the regulations mean and which ones apply to them.

For this reason Fish Safe is pleased to offer free help to fishermen via our Safest Catch program. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Safest Catch.

Additionally, special help is available for fishermen on small fishing vessels up to 15 gross tonnage via the Orange Decal program - learn about this free program HERE